WATCH – Tucker And Guests Destroy Lockdowns: Unnecessary Insanity Driven By Politics

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Tucker breaks down the hoax science for what it is.

And he does great takedowns of Fauci and Zeke Emmanuel.

And his doctor guest will infuriate you by exposing how much we’ve suffered in the lockdowns for no valid reason.

It’s getting harder and harder for the deniers to escape the truth: you’ve been hoaxed in an attempt to take down Trump by taking down the economy with an economic shutdown based on irrational fear of a virus that isn’t the threat the hoaxers have made it out to be.

UPDATE: YouTube took the video down, of course, so I found another copy on Brighteon, but you’ll have to manually start it at 13:00

Even though YouTube took the video down, I’m leaving it up so you can see their censorship of the other side of the story in action: