WATCH: Mom Detained, Fined For Letting Government-Caged Daughter Use Park Swing: “They Put Handcuffs On My Mom”

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The lockdown is child abuse. It’s not good for children to be under house arrest and denied things like getting healthy sunshine and playing with their friends. Especially not under threat of being swooped down on by government thugs, the scum we call police and who we used to support until, day after day, city after city, they’ve been showing their true colors as tyrants. The examples are so rampant that the old excuse of “it’s just a few bad apples” not only doesn’t hold water anymore, it’s a damnable lie.

None of us should be surprised at having suddenly learned what should have already been an eponymously obvious truth: the police love a police state, for then they are king. A month ago I was the biggest police supporter in America. But then they took off their masks. Don’t kid yourselves. The police are no more your friend than the government is. We’re on our own now. The authorities are our enemy.

Excerpted From The Gateway Pundit: A young mother was handcuffed, fined, and called an idiot in front of her child for allowing her daughter to play on a swing in an empty park in Canada.

Bridget Carlson of North Bay, Ontario, had taken her five-year-old daughter out to get some fresh air two weeks ago when she allowed her to stop at an empty park and play on the swing set.

Rebel News reports that the woman thought there was no harm in stopping for a moment to give her daughter a sense of normalcy by pushing her on the swing, until two cops came and harassed her.

“They put handcuffs on my mom,” the daughter told Rebel Media.

Carlson was detained, searched, handcuffed and placed in the back of a cop car while her scared young daughter looked on. Keep reading