City Council President Cited For Battery After Lockdown Protesters Storm Into His Home (Videos)

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Just what do these asshole Democrat politicians expect when they put people out of business and out of work as an election tactic for Joe Biden, which is all this lockdown is?

And then, after running over and crushing his constituents’ lives with the Abrams tank of his tyrannical and malicious lockdown order, in complete disregard of their constitutional rights, wellbeing, or the true facts of the alleged cornonavirus threat, he whines that being confronted the way he was “is not the way you engage in civil discourse.” Civil discourse? He engaged in no civil discourse with his constituents before advocating and voting for the lockdown, which itself was a vicious act of war on those very constituents, including the ones who confronted him at his home over it. The guy starts a malicious, evil, illegal war on people, and then whines when they fight back. Think about it. He demands “civil discourse” after engaging in an act of war.

And he complains about his children being home and “terrorized,.” Well, excuse me buddy, but that’s exactly what you’ve done to your constituents’ children by taking away their parents’ incomes, putting them under house arrest, and scaring the hell out of them with phony propaganda about a “killer disease” that’s not even going to hurt them.

All he got back was what he gave.

Those are the hard, ugly facts of the hared, ugly situation that he and his fellow Democrat terrorists have created.

Excerpted From The Daily Beast: The Fresno City Council president was issued three citations for misdemeanor battery late Tuesday after a group of anti-lockdown protesters showed up at his home, the Fresno Bee reports. Protesters in the California city reportedly attempted to force their way into Miguel Arias’ home, leading to a confrontation on his stairs. Arias told the Bee his children were home and that members of the crowd had been threatening him in public and online over his support for stringent shelter-in-place measures. Video shows Arias pushing the leader and other demonstrators away and swatting a recording phone to the ground. Members of the protest group reportedly pursued a citizens arrest after taping Arias apparently pushing one of them.

Excerpted From The Fresno Bee: Fresno City Council President Miguel Arias was issued three citations for misdemeanor battery Tuesday evening after a group with strong ties to shelter-in-place protests showed up on his doorstep.

Members of the group pursued a citizens arrest after videotaping Arias apparently pushing at least one of them. No one was injured, said Fresno police Lt. Anthony DeWall.

A video posted to Facebook by user James Hoak shows a group of seven or so people outside Arias’ apartment. They are led by Ben Bergquam, who runs a media Facebook page called Frontline America and organized last week’s Freedom Rally protesting the shelter order.

Live on YouTube around 6 p.m. Tuesday, Bergquam said he assumed Arias’ apartment was a “front” to run for City Council in District 3 and didn’t expect him to be at the home.

The video shows Arias pushing Bergquam, microphone in hand, and others who are filming.

“This is all from a man who is supposed to be representing the people of Fresno,” Bergquam said. “He’s also the main City Council member who is destroying businesses, keeping the lockdown on, putting pressure on Lee Brand to keep the lockdown in place.”

Both Arias and members of the group called police, and officers arrived about 20 minutes later. There were three alleged victims. Arias was not handcuffed. A court date for Arias will be scheduled in 90 days, which is standard, DeWall said.

Shortly after the confrontation on Arias’ doorstep, Police Chief Andy Hall sent squad cars to the homes of the other six council members and Brand.

“This is over the top,” Arias told The Bee in a phone interview before the police arrived. “This is not the way you engage in civil discourse.”

After the situation at Arias’ downtown apartment had calmed, a group opposed to the city’s shelter-in-place order went to Mayor Lee Brand’s home. Brand said in a statement they had a peaceful discussion and he went back inside.

“A group of 20-25 people protesting the city’s shelter in place orders came to my house this evening,” Brand said in a statement emailed by the city spokesman. “When they arrived, I went out to answer their questions and we had a peaceful discussion on my sidewalk. After 10 minutes, they left and I went back inside. I’m willing to talk with anybody who wants to have a civil conversation about the best way to keep our city safe and healthy.”

Brand and a council majority have consistently supported shelter-in-place regulations during the coronavirus pandemic, with Brand recently extending the order to May 31. Last week, hundreds gathered in front of City Hall for the Freedom Rally, and The Waffle Shop restaurant has dominated headlines beginning late last week for defying the order and opening to dine-in customers. That came to a head Sunday morning when a police officer handcuffed a restaurant goer who ultimately was released.

Councilmember Garry Bredefeld has been the lone city leader to oppose the shelter-in-place orders, calling for residents to defy them and saying he would do so. Read the whole thing