Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine To Protect Against Getting Coronavirus

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Putting his money where his mouth is. And he’s right to be doing this, because it’s a known prophylactic against COVID-19. The media and FDA have been attacking hydroxychloroquine because they back the leftist agenda of forcing people to take a Bill Gates-made mandatory vaccine.

Excerpted From The Independent: Donald Trump has revealed he is taking hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug he has pushed for weeks as a treatment for coronavirus – even though he has tested negative, and federal health agencies have warned of serious negative side effects for its use.

“I take it,” he told reporters. “All I can tell you is, so far, I feel okay.”

The president said on Monday he had taken only an initial dose. “It seems to have an impact,” he said. “Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t…..You’re not going to get sick and die.”

Mr Trump said he has taken the drug for “about a week and a half now”, adding: “I take a pill every day” and has had “zero symptoms”.

The president said he was taking the drug because “I’ve gotten a lot of calls” from medical professionals praising it. His revelation comes several weeks after the New York Times reported the Trump family has a financial tie to the parent company of one of the the firms that makes hydroxychloroquine.

Doctors who have prescribed hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients have done so to treat positive cases; Mr Trump alluded to taking it as a preventative measure.

Mr Trump said he was taking the drug under the care of the White House medical team.

Later on Monday, the White House released a statement from the president’s doctor, Navy Cdr Sean Conley, who said Mr Trump was taking the drug following discussions between the pair of them. He said they decided the “potential benefit outweighed the relative risks”.