Shock Video: Bill Gates Breaks Out In Joyful Glee At Mention Of Horrific, Longterm Economic Devastation

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Bill Gates plans to make billions of dollars and kill billions of people (he’s the world’s number one population reduction advocate and agent) through a cycle of pandemics and mandatory vaccines, both of which will be created and distributed by himself and his global network. He’s so arrogant about it that he even tips his hand by now referring to COVID-19 as Pandemic 1, a clear declaration that he has more coming.

Why does he get so excited and actually starts laughing about how bad the economy will remain? Because he needs that kind of pain, blamed on the disease, in order to make the problem seem big enough to justify his vaccines being made mandatory. And make no mistake, the vaccines will be at least as harmful, deadly, and destructive to the human reproduction system as they will be helpful. It’s been confirmed that even cancer-causing agents are present in many of them.

These globalists want the world’s population drastically reduced, often citing that as the only way to stop climate change, and the pandemic/vaccine cycle is now their weapon of choice.

It’s time for brave people to rise up and do whatever needs to be done to stop him.


Another take on it by YouTuber “Jeff Censored”: