SHOCK VIDEO: Australian Police Rip Screaming Child From Mother’s Arms For Attending Lockdown Protest

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I don’t know the psychology behind the problem, but 2020 was the year that we learned that the police were our enemy. And that’s a fact not forgiven by all the good they do. That would be like saying it’s okay for priests to molest children because the rest their time is spent preaching the world of God. And as for the bogus response of “Yeah, you can say cops are bad, but they’ll be the first ones you call when you have a problem.” So what? Them dealing with a crime committed against you is their job, not a favor, and certainly not an excuse to thuggishly abuse you because they state tells them to. “Just following orders” is not a legitimate or legal excuse for following immoral and evil commands.

And it’s a big problem, this cop as government thug issue, and I’m absolutely not convinced it’s just about a few bad apples, because video after video after video has proven that they act with imperial malice, gleefully executing the tyrannical power of governments that have made themselves the enemies of the governed, and not with a reluctant “they’re making do this, I really wish a didn’t have to” attitude, in nearly each and every one of them. Yes, there have been exceptions by some sheriff’s department, but cop-as-abusive tyrant is increasingly visible as the norm, not the exception. I wish it weren’t so.

Know now that when government becomes a tyrant and imposes a police state, as has happened now, the police revel in that police state, and back the tyrant in his tyranny. I guess it makes sense. Who would enjoy a police state more than the police?

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Excerpted from The Gateway Pundit: A mother was arrested near Parliament of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia on Saturday for peacefully protesting the Coronavirus lockdown order.

The woman, who brought her young son with her to protest, wore a yellow sign that read: ‘If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any. Magna Carta.’

The protester told the police that she wasn’t doing anything wrong by peacefully standing outside, however they harassed her and repeatedly asked for her name.

The young boy was kicking and screaming “leave mummy alone!” after the police forcefully ripped him out of his mother’s arms. Keep reading