German Law Sets Stage For Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccination – With Video

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Excerpted From The RAIR Foundation: “…if you cannot prove that you are immune, you will be vaccinated by force.” – Gordon Pankalla, Esq.

In this RAIR Foundation USA exclusively-translated video, German attorney Gordon Pankalla slams new purposed amendments to the German Infection Protection Act (IfSG) that could impose a mandatory coronavirus vaccine and strip citizens of basic civil liberties.

Pankalla reminds viewers that vaccination coercion, sometimes considered as “characteristic of totalitarian regimes,” took place in the failed communist dictatorship of East Germany (German Democratic Republic). Compulsory vaccination violates the biomedical ethics principle of autonomy or as Pankalla describes it, is an “infringement of a person’s bodily integrity”.

All of this, he says, for the Chinese coronavirus, which is “as dangerous as a normal flu epidemic.”

Based on his interpretation of the legislation, Pankalla says: “We will only get our normalcy back only when we are force-vaccinated. That is simply the case.” He explains that “[A]mong those signing [on to the development of the vaccine] are [French President Emmanuel] Macron, Italian Prime Minister [Giuseppe] Conte, and Norwegian Minister President Erna Solberg. The president of the EU council [Charles Michel] and [President of the European Commission] Uschi von der Leyen of course.” Keep reading


Hello everyone. My name is Gordon Pankalla. I’m a lawyer in the city of Cologne.

Currently, the German Federal Government is preparing the draft for the second law for the protection of the population in the case of a nationwide epidemic situation. I wanted to explain to you what it says here. This will introduce compulsory vaccination for everyone.

Merkel, Spahn and Drosten have been constantly repeating that we will only get our previous normalcy back when the vaccine is available. They are saying it over and over again. You know what it reminds me of? The dictatorship of the DDR [German Democratic Republic], where there was also compulsory vaccination.

The MDR [local public broadcaster] wrote on May 2: “Public health and the superiority of the socialist system — that’s what the DDR was all about when it came to vaccinating. A claim that culminated as the socialist solution became the best prophylaxis.”

We all know where Mrs. Merkel comes from. “Since the ’50s, the DDR introduced a mandatory vaccination, which became more and more comprehensive. It included polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, tuberculosis and so on, and from the ’70s on also included measles, and it was recommended so on and so on.

Up to the age of 18, DDR adolescents received a total of 20 vaccinations.” Decreed by the government. That’s an infringement of a person’s bodily integrity, and this is exactly what the new drafted law will do. This is what is being prepared.

We will only get our normalcy back only when we are force-vaccinated. That is simply the case. ‘With the provision of the second law for the protection of the population in a national emergency in the case of a nationwide epidemic situation’.

I wonder if that even exists anymore? ‘These rules and measures should be developed further.’ Yes, so, it will be further developed.

The Infection Protection Act will be further developed and specified it says here. Specified. This is very interesting. What exactly is being specified? There are NO alternatives, by the way — the bill does not mention any alternatives.

Also interesting is the amendment to Paragraph 28 of the Infection Protection Act, which states: When ordering and implementing protective measures and so on and so forth, the person affected must provide evidence of the vaccination or immunity documentation, according to Paragraph 22.

That the existing infection cannot be or no longer is communicable. So that means, protective measures can be taken here. Vaccination is meant here. Current vaccine protection according to the existing scientific and medical vaccine protection and so on and so forth. That means, if you cannot prove that you are immune, you will be vaccinated by force. That is what it says here.

So now Paragraph 5 has also been changed, and that gives authorization of Minister of Health Spahn. There it says expressly: ‘by statutory order without the consent of the Bundesrat, to decree measures to ensure the supply of drugs, including vaccines and anesthetics, in particular…’ And so on.

So what else do we have?

Paragraph 4 of Article 5 is being changed. Paragraph 4 was previously the statutory order without the consent of the Bundesrat to ensure the supply of drugs finally anesthetics and so on. Now the word ‘vaccines’ is explicitly included. It is explicitly included.

Then we have in Paragraph 22 of the infection protection law, the documentation is new. Everything will be documented. The name of the disease, date of determination of immunity, basis of determination of immunity, also with details of the test method. The name, address of the person who has established immunity is documented as well.

So what is being done here is nothing less than the introduction of mandatory vaccination. That’s clear. It’s coming. That what Mr. Spahn, Merkel and Drosten are telling us the entire time.

At the same time, I’ve noticed on television that it isn’t being reported, what’s going on here, that a mandatory vaccination is being introduced. However, what’s being reported is what the Chancellor is doing in parallel. She wants to collect billions. She wants to collect 7.5 billion for the development of vaccines. Vaccines. That’s being initiated.

Who’s taking part?

Among those signing are [French President Emmanuel] Macron, Italian Prime Minister [Giuseppe] Conte, and Norwegian Minister President Erna Solberg. The president of the EU council [Charles Michel] and [President of the European Commission] Uschi von der Leyen of course.

The aim is to pool forces for the development of vaccines worldwide, and for this purpose 7.5 billion will be collected.

Yes, we are already in the process of developing vaccines.

So there is a company in Great Britain that has supposedly developed a vaccine. The testing of this vaccine isn’t finished. It is unclear what the vaccine can do, but that doesn’t matter. The manufacturer doesn’t want to wait for the results. The manufacturer wants to produce the vaccine here now at its own risk. “The company will start production at its own risk.” In September and in October 20 to 40 million doses will be made available. From September onwards, we’ll have a vaccine. No one knows if it will work, but it’s already being produced.

We have the same situation with this German company in Tübingen. It is also working on Corona vaccines. The company CureVac and its CEO Hans Werner Haas are currently in the testing phase. No problem. Annual capacity of production for up to 400 million people. The company operates two plants. A third one was approved in December. In December? Interesting.

With that they will have production of doses for up to 400 million people a year. With the fourth plant which is currently being set up, the capacity will increase to more than one billion in two years.

So vaccination will be compulsory. Vaccines are already being produced. No one knows whether these vaccines will work. But what everyone does know is that the Corona is as dangerous as a normal flu epidemic.

Of course they want to get out of this situation, with the motto: “Once we have vaccinated all of you, then you’ll be free again.”

That’s exactly what’s happening here. Just like in the former DDR, compulsory vaccinations, and that’s our system. That’s what the CDU/CSU and the SPD decided, but they need a two-thirds majority for this in the Bundesrat.

So now I call on all parliamentarians to stop this nonsense. To stop this infringement of our bodily integrity and reject this legislation. We have just had the introduction of compulsory measles vaccination — there’s always the argument that this is already in place.

However, it’s also still up to the constitutional court to decide whether that is even permissible. So they want to use all possible means to get out of this misery and celebrate themselves as the great saviour for an illness that is no worse than the normal influenza that we have every year. That’s where we’re headed.