Chicago Closes Giant Temporary Hospital Because Real Ones Were Never Overwhelmed By Coronavirus

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The Democrat Illinois government’s projections of how bad the so-called epidemic was going to be were fake, so the city’s much ballyhooed field hospital, which was bigger than any other hospital in the state, was never needed. There were never enough coronavirus patients to overwhelm the city’s regular hospitals.

This is what happens when Democrats want to believe in something so badly just because if it’s true it’ll hurt Donald Trump.

From a media account of when the now-closed facility first opened:

“When I walked into this building and saw how it was transformed in just five days, I was truly flooded with an overwhelming sense of pride and patriotism,” Democrat Illinois Governor Pritzker said during a Friday press conference at the site.

The facility is bigger than the largest hospital in Illinois, Pritzker said.

And the facility will grow: McCormick Place will have 3,000 hospital hospital beds by the end of the month, adding badly needed hospital capacity to the Chicago area as COVID-19 cases across the state surge. As incredible as the work that’s been done here is, it’s also profoundly sobering. This is a facility that we stood up because the human population is susceptible to this virus at a scale never before seen in our lifetimes,” the governor added.”

All of which has now proven to be a load of bullshit.

IT WENT UNUSED BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER NEEDED. Just like that ship in New York.


Excerpted From : The city has already started making plans for how to take down the field hospital set up at McCormick Place.

The famous convention center was turned into a field hospital — or, as officials called it, an alternate care facility — that officials planned could have up to 3,000 hospital beds. But local hospitals haven’t been overwhelmed, so the city and state are deciding how to phase out the site.

Workers built the facility, complete with nurses stations and a pharmacy, in just five days as officials worried hospitals could be overwhelmed during the pandemic. Models created by experts had predicted the Chicago area could see 40,000 people hospitalized within weeks of the start of the crisis.

But the hospitals weren’t overwhelmed, officials have said.

Health care workers who were set to be “deployed” at McCormick Place will be sent elsewhere, like nursing homes that have been hit hard by COVID-19, Pritzker said earlier this week.